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May 16, 2022

Sammy Davis, Jr, legendary entertainer, died on this date in 1990.

Dress your best

POSTED: August 29, 2009, 2:55 pm

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Dress your best and carry yourself in a way that depicts your best you.

There are days you are not feeling so great and that is the day, more than any other to put your best hat on and present a great face to the workplace. Be your best you or stay in bed! Don’t show up in pajamas or loungewear, crinkled slacks, hair still wet, and make-up half did. If you can’t muster a good presentation, stay on the couch.

You don’t need lots of money to dress your best. You do need a few key items that you give utmost care to. If you need help from a fashion savvy friend, ask for it. But you don’t need to go broke to look cute.

We all have our own style and sense of panache. No one can really fault you for not having great taste; as long as you aren’t half naked, dressed as a teenager, or unsanitary.

Just remember, we are quickly judged by appearances. If you imagine yourself a leader or a person of influence, dress the part. Ask yourself, how do I want to be remembered? If you want people to be talking about your yellow socks, well after the interview…go for it!

Be careful of self-sabotage! This goes back to the way you feel. Just be conscious of what you want and why you are headed out into the world. You may not feel so good today, or enjoy your job, or sure you want this job, but put your best shoe forward.

If you have questions or comments about dressing your best contact Sandra A. Daley at If you liked this article, you may also enjoy “Envy”

Dress your best"They expect a professional presentation, so they expect to see a ''professional.'' Dress appropriately for the occasion, but don't be one of the crowd." 
-- Wess Roberts

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