today in black history

July 22, 2024

The first Black Power conference is held in Newark (N.J.)in 1967, with more than 1,000 delegates from 126 cities, Bermuda and Nigeria.


POSTED: August 04, 2009, 11:49 pm

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 Pretty simple; show appreciation to those who inspire you 

Is someone at work, your mentor or an example of where you are headed in life? Then take the time to thank them and let them know you are motivated by their work and presence.

Take the time to let your husband, your children, a friend or colleague know that they make a difference in your life. 

Did you go to an amazing concert? Saw a great play? Then stay a bit longer and let the performers, directors, or producers know how it impacted you.

Inspiration is like gold. It’s like gasoline. It fires the soul. We all know how important inspiration is to our creativity and the ability to get a job done. Inspiration should not be taken lightly.

And so, in turn, let someone know when he or she has touched you or moved your spirit. Let someone know they matter. Let your employee know that their hard work has paid off. I think it makes for happier communities and families when people feel acknowledged and appreciated for their work and presence.

If you feel inspired, have a question, or comment about inspiration contact Sandra A. Daley at or visit her at If you like this article you might also like “Being With Life As It Is”

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