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September 23, 2023

Legendary jazz innovator, saxophonist John Coltrane,a leading figure of the bebop genre, was born in 1926 in Hamlet, North Carolina.

Living by Instinct

POSTED: July 17, 2009, 12:03 am

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For a short while, I was a Buddhist. I remember loving it and in fact, it speaks to my sense of truth. The one thing I took away from my practice is the belief that we are meant to be in harmony or in rhythm with the universe. When we are in rhythm, our train arrives on time and life occurs as it should. When we are in rhythm, we need only to be still and listen to the inner voices that guide and lead us. They are never wrong. We are one with the universe. We can trust those voices, when we are in tune. So, do the things that keep you at “Ohm” with the universe.

When you are off, everything is late, wrong, people are negative, deals are falling through, and something is amiss. You need to align yourself with the universe, quickly. In this place you can’t trust your instincts, much less hear them. The God in you stop speaking, or he can’t be heard through the raucous going on in your life. Fix it! And fix it quick.

We were meant to live, aligned with the universe. You are not long for this world when the voices are helter-skelter. You are headed for stress, confusion, illness, and dis-ease. Can I get a witness?

Some of the smartest people I know speak from the heart, the gut, and live by their instincts. In fact, we need to figure out how to incorporate decisions made by instinct more in business. Why we choose a new partner, make a move to a new location, or take a chance on a new product is sometimes based on gut and instinct rather than any amount of research out there.

I believe when you live by faith, that all things are meant for your good, that everything and everyone is in your path for a reason…when you live by that belief, you begin to trust and hear clearly voices of inspiration and direction.

By the same token, I encounter those who ought to consider themselves expert in their field. Those who have been working at what they do, accumulating knowledge and experience. Yet, they present themselves as small players, giving props to others and worrying unnecessarily about outcomes. Know with confidence, that all that you have learned and experienced will speak through naturally. It speaks through your instincts. There’s no need to question it. Do you recognize yourself in that example? When will you see that YOU are the expert in the room? Speak like it, act like it, and charge for it! Can I get a witness?

Here’s another point to remember, after trusting your gut to make a decision, give it time to reveal itself, especially when your gut is supported by research and sound advice. Don’t be so quick to throw in the towel, give up, and join the naysayers. Give yourself some time to work the plan. Many people give up at the first hint of an obstacle.

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