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May 30, 2024

African American Episcopal Zion (A.M.E.Z.)Bishop James W. Hood, a fierce advocate for Blacks' rights, was born in 1831.

Restore Balance!

POSTED: July 12, 2009, 12:05 am

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When people talk about restoring balance in their lives, they really are referring to their level of satisfaction – what’s missing and what they may want more of. If you can identify with that, it ‘s best to quickly hone in on how you have gone off track and what vital, positive, “feel good” rituals you’ve let go of.

How do I restore life balance? Let’s troubleshoot:

  • Do less of whatever makes you feel tired, exhausted, inadequate, and steals your joy! In that same respect, do more of what invigorates, focuses, and stimulates you. Let’s keep it positive!
  • Be patient and honest with yourself. Allow change to happen in its time.
  • Share your circumstances with people. If you dare to share, you’d be surprised how accommodating an employer or bill collector can be.
  • Consider a schedule change, getting a partner, or cutting back on work hours. You might have to share the profits, but taking on a partner can relieve a lot of stress.
  • Try not to bring your work home. Shut down at 5. Okay, take a vacation! You may feel like, “It’s now or never to make my million!”, but what’s the point, if you are stressed out? You are bound to be less effective.
  • Buy yourself a calendar and use it! Make lists and check things off!
  • Schedule time with your family and friends.
  • Be realistic about the time it takes to get things done. Learn to say “No!!”, when your dance card is full. Why say “yes” if you end up putting people off and not being a person of your word? Now you are a flaky, stressed out person, saying “yes” to everything.
  • Think affirming thoughts and shut the negative ones down. Post affirming notes where you can see them. And kick your negative friends to the curb! You may not believe in all that “hokey-pokey” stuff, but do it anyway. You’ve got nothing to lose. Wake up to “I am beautiful. I am special. I am wonderful!” Try it!
  • Multi-tasking is NOT the way to go. Focus on ONE task and do it well.
  • Do the best you can, say “Job well done!” and keep steppin’. Yes, of course be honest with yourself. But if you gave it your all, then there’s no need to turn things over fifty times. Be good to yourself.
  • Allow yourself a day to say “To heck with it all!” Allow yourself a day to “sit this one out.” Sit on the couch, watch TV, eat Doritos, send the kids to your mother’s, whatever sails your boat. Do you!
You and I both know, life is short and you really can’t take any of the bling-bling with you. So, take it moment to moment, one day at a time, and you are sure to feel more satisfied and bit more balanced.

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