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April 18, 2024

Hampton University (Institute) was founded on this date in 1868 in Virginia to educate newly emancipated Blacks.

Self employed and loving it!

POSTED: June 30, 2009, 7:24 pm

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Self-Employed and Loving It!

More and more people are looking to create some sort of self-employment, due to rising unemployment, across many sectors. Even the artist, who could rely on freelance work, finds that he may have to create a venture of his own. Getting savvy around building a business is the next course of action.

Many of us will have little or no start up money, especially with loans more difficult to procure, we need to think outside the box to create products and services to sell. Focusing on your talents and strengths, where the needs are, or what your community will buy is a great place to start.
To be successful, you have to be innovative and opportunistic. Everyone is struggling or distracted, you cannot afford to wait for anyone to give a helping hand.
Everywhere you turn; there are stories of folks re-inventing themselves, of those on Wall Street, now at long last pursuing their dream. In the midst of strife and upheaval, economic recession and high unemployment, this is the perfect time to step out and take risks with your dream. I believe we will emerge out of this crisis with more entrepreneurs than ever and we will have given birth to cutting edge ideas in business. Self-employment may require longer hours, but you will have more control of your quality time and how you spend it and there is pride in authoring something.

I also think this is a great time for our young people to be out in the workforce, creating and launching new ideas, based on drive and passion. I have friends, well into their 40’s, still struggling to pay off student loans from college. I’m not speaking out against universities, but I do applaud exploration and looking for ways to learn, apprentice, and gain experience for self-employment.

With that said, you have to access that passion that will make you become unstoppable in your business and your life. The power to do that is not in your business plan, your loan officer, or the partner you may choose; it’s in you – your drive to live the life you dream.

This is no time for self-doubt and worry. You have to believe that your options are wide open and that there is no better time than the present.

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