today in black history

March 01, 2024

Mississippi Senator Blanche K. Bruce, a Black Republican elected during Reconstruction, was born on this date in 1841.

Today in Black America - Jan. 5

POSTED: January 05, 2009, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Justices’ Ruling in Discrimination Case May Draw Quick Action by Obama

Urban Tool in Recruiting by the Army: An Arcade

Emotional Trip on Plane Bound for the Presidency

Washington Post

Reid Stands by Decision to Block Burris

Obama Arrives in Style

Top Democrats Give Longer Timetable for Stimulus Bill

Rhee Plans Shake-Up of Teaching Staff, Training

Christian Science Monitor

Great expectations for Obama abroad

Obama likely to retool Bush’s faith based initiative

Los Angeles Times

Burris may have a chance at Senate seat

HUD funds to help cities clean up foreclosures

Chicago Tribune

Why the Senate should seat Burris

Barack Obama's Chicago home now empty, but a full plate awaits him in Washington

Filling Obama's seat becomes test of 'authentic' blackness

Barack Obama's former church sees better days ahead in wake of election storms

Boston Globe

Kagan nominated for solicitor general

Ross elected to lead City Council

Transformation of Chicago schools could be model for US

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