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May 27, 2024

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The Hypocrisy of Outrage

POSTED: August 04, 2013, 6:30 am

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Islam, Peace and Greetings to all.

As I sat patiently awaited the outcome of the Zimmerman trial, several thoughts came to mind regarding the anticipated reaction to the verdict; 1) he would be found guilty and everyone would sing songs of thanksgiving for the justice done; 2) there’d be a hung jury and there wouldn’t be too much outrage because people would feel that some of the jurors had common sense and saw Zimmerman for what he was, guilty; 3) he would be acquitted and the people would just go absolutely bonkers screaming about how the same justice system that worked for O.J. Simpson, never works for us in these matters.

After that dreaded verdict was read, I went on social media to see the reaction. Of course, outrage could be read 50+ times straight down the newsfeed. The profanity laced tirades, the calls for riots, the death wishes for George Zimmerman and the occasional heartfelt condolences posted to the Martin family for their loss but not one post about how to actually come together and form ourselves a system within this system (because there is no way out of it unless you expatriate to another country, another system) that will work for our people. No solutions whatsoever but violence. Hate upon hate as if hate has ever brought about justice to any situation.

Rewind two weeks earlier. I had posted an article on my newsfeed about the 72 people who were shot in Chicago over the 4th of July weekend. Of those 72 people shot, 12 were fatally wounded. My posting received a few comments and a couple of likes but there was absolutely zero outrage. So the question becomes, is it ok for us to kill each other by the thousands every year in the inner cities across this nation? I ask this question to everyone who is so outraged over the Zimmerman verdict and feels that he should be doing life in prison right now. Well, what about the 506 homicides in Chicago last year? Did we even care about who the victims were or their killers and whether or not they were ever caught, convicted and tried? Is it ok for us to kill each other by the thousands every year but if one European (so called white person) kills one Moor (so called black person) then and only then is there some public outrage? Really? Some of the people posting, did not realize that they were demanding justice from the same people they claim are oppressing our people anyway.

What you are witnessing is the hypocrisy of outrage. The so-called blacks (I say so-called because there is no such person as a black person) in this nation, e.g. the Malik Zulu Shabazz’s & his New Black Panther Party, the Jesse Jackson's & his Rainbow Push Coalition, the NAACP and other organizations of like ilk etc., who promote the slave label (Black), are sending a clear message that it’s ok for our inner city youth to kill each other every single day in this nation but if one so-called white (I say so-called because there is no such person as a white person) in this nation kills one of our own, then we get to go crazy and pull out the bullhorns and start marching and demanding justice, or even worst, rioting which based on the past would mainly occur in the neighborhoods where we live. Some of the above mentioned have claimed there was no justice in the past and yet, did absolutely nothing to make sure this type of action did not happen again. This is akin to our people calling each other by the obviously derogatory epithet “nigger” and pretending this is ok because we’re saying it to each other as a term of endearment, but on the other hand, if a European calls one of us such (e.g. Paula Deen) then there is public outrage. I recently heard Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam in response to a statement made by former Black Panther Party member, Bobby Seal, say “nigger please” and the crowd erupted with cheer and laughter. Had Bobby Seal admonished someone like Bill O’ Reilly or Geraldo Rivera let’s say, and their responses would have been “nigger please”, then all of the above named organizations and their leaders would have lead boycotts on the lawn of Fox News until said offenders were forced to resign. Welcome to the hypocrisy of outrage.

The Moor (so called black person) on this land, is so conditioned, so mentally programmed to ignore his/her own condition, they tend to forget that they live in some of the worst social conditions on the earth. Mass incarceration, the “hood” mentality where we cannot even speak as educated people, the women displayed in full “twerk” “ratchet” and “hoodrat” mode like savages, the men paying them for this because these women think this is the only way they can make money, the savage and heartless murders in cities like Chicago and Detroit, products of a truly depraved mindset with the intent to kill, and somehow, this is ok. It is obviously ok for us to kill each other by the thousands every year and people like Ben Jealous, head of the NAACP, and his ilk, are ok with this because hey, there ain’t no spotlight if the niggers are killing each other right?

As I end this article, I think about Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, mother and father of Trayvon Martin, the innocent victim in this case and where they were when the verdict was read. They were at church in prayer to which made me also wonder about the Christian religion and its role in the denationalizing, programming and conditioning of our people’s minds because before that verdict was read, the very god that they pray to, the European god of Christianity, was shut up and silent and did not come to the rescue as he has done many times in the Christian biblical accounts. There is no god that comes to intercede in the affairs of men, if man would be saved, he must save himself. The only savior is within. You do not get to heaven by way of Jesus Christ; that was something that the Europeans made up to control the masses; you get to heaven by building it right here on earth and living it. How do we know this? Because our people are wrought in a living hell right here and now on this earth. Welcome to the hypocrisy of outrage.

Signed, the solemn voice of reason...


Sheik Way El is a member of the Mooorish Science Temple of America, Subordinate Temple Atlantis, Atlanta, Georgia.

The views expressed are those of the author

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