today in black history

July 23, 2024

Civil unrest over the city's condition ignites Detroit in 1967, resulting in 43 deaths, 7,000 arrests and $50 million in damage.

Today in Black America - May 26

POSTED: May 26, 2023, 10:00 am

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Note: Some newspapers listed use a pay wall that requires a subscription before you can access the article.

The Associated Press

Attorney demands firing of Mississippi police officer after 11-year-old boy is shot

GOP-led Texas House panel issues 20 impeachment counts against state Attorney General Ken Paxton

Judge to sentence 2 Oath Keepers members after handing down punishment for group’s founder

The New York Times

White House and G.O.P. Close In on Deal to Raise Debt Limit

Mar-a-Lago Worker Provided Prosecutors New Details in Trump Documents Case

She Said Equinox Fired Her for Being a Black Woman. A Jury Agreed

USA Today

Biden, McCarthy getting ‘closer’ to debt ceiling deal before clock runs out

Bodycam video shows Jackson police Tasing man dozens of times before his death in custody

3 ex-officers indicted in death of Black man shocked with stun guns

Tempers flare over book banning during N.J. school board meeting

Man injured in fall from balcony of Newark building

N.J. teacher resigns after complaints that she assaulted toddler

The Baltimore Sun

Advocates speak out at Baltimore City Council’s annual Taxpayers’ Night, but some would-be virtual testifiers left in dark

Federal grant money went unspent amid Maryland education department staffing exodus

Records reveal mounting problems at a city-backed apartment complex in West Baltimore

The Los Angeles Times

They face L.A.’s largest eviction in years. But these Westside renters won’t go quietly

Poll: Biden and the debt ceiling — what California voters think

L.A. criminal court program diverts mentally ill offenders from prosecution

The Washington Post

Trump workers moved Mar-a-Lago boxes a day before FBI came for documents

Report: Police use of force against journalists in 2020 violated policy

Biden vetoes GOP measure to block D.C.’s policing bill

The Chicago Sun-Times

More than 100 Chicago police officials kept their jobs after making false statements, despite department’s ‘you lie, you die’ rule

State budget clears first hurdle with Senate vote — but elected school board map hits possible stall until next year

Ald. Walter Burnett Jr. still can’t explain what happened with $165,000 in campaign money

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

After stroke at age 11, Cobb student graduating from high school

Former Alpharetta police officer indicted in K-9 attack during arrest

Body-cam footage shows ex-police officers laughing at man who died in custody

Note: Some newspapers listed use a pay wall that requires a subscription before you can access the article.

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