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April 15, 2024

Harold Washington, first Black mayor of Chicago, was born in 1922, and civil rights and labor leader A. Philip Randolph in 1889.

Rep. Al Green on Texas Shootings

POSTED: May 25, 2022, 3:30 pm

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Mass Murders are a Great American Tragedy—Our Lack of Will to Pass Sensible Gun Safety Laws is a Great American Failure

“In addition to sending our thoughts and prayers to the grieving, we must send people to state and federal legislatures who will vote for sensible gun safety laws. While the murder of innocent lives is a tragedy that should not and must not be minimized under any circumstance, the mass murder of innocent babies is unconscionable. What happened at a school in my home state of Texas has circumvented the natural order of life and robbed families of precious moments to hug their babies, cherish their love, kiss them goodnight, celebrate another birthday, watch them grow up, and pursue their dreams.”

“Although yesterday’s heartbreaking events at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX cannot be reversed, it is still possible to mitigate lives lost or prevent mass murders from occurring again, again, and again. First, however, we must confront the great American failure when it comes to mass murder and gun violence: our failure to take action and do the possible. This is not a hopeless situation because the American people are not helpless. We are a constitutional democratic republic that can elect legislators who will address gun violence with effective gun safety laws.”

“That we are approximately four percent of the world’s population and yet possess more than 40 percent of the guns says more than enough. If possessing guns were the solution, our gun violence problem would be solved. There are many gun safety solutions to mitigate and prevent senseless carnage, but none of them will be implemented until we, the American people, elect legislators at the state and federal levels who will embrace them. Thoughts and prayers are not enough.”

Congressman Al Green represents the Ninth Congressional District in Texas

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