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June 22, 2024

Stellar television journalist, the late Ed Bradley, graduate of Cheyney State University, was born on this date in 1941 in Philadelphia.

Ask Less. Listen More.

POSTED: August 01, 2009, 7:55 pm

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Dear God, Universe, Creator…please grant me a really great job, making $85,000 a year, nice office, flexible hours, 3 weeks vacation, and an impressive benefits package.

Do you recognize this prayer or one similar?

How about? Universe, I want a house of my own, a 2 family would be nice, with an apartment for possible rental, a backyard, and on a really nice block in Brooklyn.

Since your New Year’s resolution, you’ve had this prayer, asking the universe, day after day. Has it ever occurred to you the universe already knows what it is you most desire? There is no need to ask.

If God already knows our innermost wants then what do we pray for? If you must ask, ask God what is needed to accomplish or attain that which you most desire. Ask quickly and step out of the way. Ask and let God reveal to you what you must do. In meditation, the answers are always revealed. God speaks directly to you. What we often find difficult is accepting the word of God. God responds with, “In due time” but you want it today. You tell God you want your husband to be more affectionate, you hear, “He may never change. How can YOU be more loving and affectionate?” You response is, “Oh no! I didn’t hear that right! I can’t possibly have faith and keep on giving!”

Can we live in faith that God only wants what is for our better good? The universe is ordered that each moment presented is an opportunity for good, love, redemption, praise, and glory. The universe is not particularly concerned with HOW you get there, whether you are president, actor, rich, poor, in an apartment, house, and great relationship today or not. What you choose and how you color it is on you. Pray to align your dreams with what good the universe has in store for you. Meditate to hear the message and in your waking moments take action in the moment to moment, the opportunities for expressing love and glory…possibly manifested through your desired work, your marriage, friendships, etc.

If you must speak in prayer, try two things:
1.    Express thanks for all the blessings you do have and name them in detail, not for God to hear, but to be clear that you know just how blessed you are.
2.    Ask for courage, fortitude, and the strength to accept the will of God, to rise to the challenges of life, and to give openly and unconditionally.

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