today in black history

June 26, 2022

General Lloyd Newton, the first Black member of the Thunderbirds, the elite Air Force precision flying team, was born in 1942 in Ridgeland, SC.

Presidential Polling

POSTED: November 01, 2012, 12:00 am

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Gallup Presidential Election Center

Gallup Presidential Approval Tracking

Gallup Daily Presidential Approval Tracking

Ipsos/Reuters - September 7

Synopsis: We may be seeing the beginning of a Convention bump for the President: Obama is up 2 points to 46% and Romney down one point to 44% among Likely Voters. The shifts are within the credibility interval for both candidates, but the direction of both does suggest the beginning of a post-Convention ‘bump’; tomorrow’s data will provide more clarity. Source: Ipsos/Reuters

CNN/ORC Poll - September 9

Synopsis: Poll shows President Obama receiving a post Democratic convention bounce and holding a 6 point lead over challenger, Republican Mitt Romney, with a + or - 3 margin of error.

ABC News/Washington Post - September 12

Synopsis: President Obama's favorability rating increase and is now in the positive zone while challenger Mitt Romney's favorability rating remains negative.

The Detroit Free Press/WXYZ-TV - September 11

Synopsis: President Obama has taken a commanding lead in Michigan, 47% versus 37% for Governor Romney

NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist - September 14

Synposis: President Obama has a slight lead over Republican Challenger Mitt Romney in Virginia, Ohio and Florida




GWU - Thumbtack Small Business Survey

Synposis: President Obama holds a 47% - 39% edge over Republican Mitt Romney and is perceived as more supportive of small companies by business owners who identify as independents.

Washington Post Poll - September 25

Synopsis: President Obama holds a slight lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney in Florida and leads by 8 percentage points in Ohio.

5 takeaways from the Washington Post Ohio and Florida polls

Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS Poll - September 26

Synopsis: President Obama has opened up a significant lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney in the states of Ohio and Florida, as the GOP candidate is losing support beyond undecided voters.

Pew Research Center - October 8

Synopsis: Republican Mitt Romey's debate performance has wiped out the President's post-convention bounce and holds a slight lead among likely voters, 49% - 45%,

Pew Hispanic Center - October 11

Synopsis: President Obama enjoys a huge advantage over Republican challenger Mitt Romney among Latino voters, 69% to 21%.

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