today in black history

December 01, 2022

In 1955 Rosa Parks refuses to sit in the back of a Montgomery, Alabama bus, sparking a boycott that changed history.

Today in Black America - Dec. 2

POSTED: December 02, 2008, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Officials Vow to Act Amid Forecasts of Long Recession

Pardon is Back in Focus for the Justice Nominee

Birmingham Mayor Accused of Trading County Deals for Cash and Clothes

Washington Post

Economic Signs Point to Longer, Deeper Recession

Nuclear or Biological Attack Called Likely

Protesters Call for Affordable Housing

Los Angeles Times

U.S. Recession could last into 2010

Detroit Free Press

Ex-mayoral aide Christine Beatty tearfully admits perjury in text scandal

Through tears, Beatty offer apology

State gives Detroit schools ‘final chance’

Baltimore Sun

Young adults hit by mental health issues

November was deadliest month of ‘08

The Christian Science Monitor

Financial crisis may worsen food crunch it eclipsed

Chicago Tribune

Balfour arrested in Hudson slayings

Boston Globe

Obama needs to bail out workers

Charting a new world order

Activist steers homeless to empty homes

Insiders seek to recast black politics in Boston

Philadelphia Inquirer

Governors will push Obama for aid here

Philadelphia leaders mourn death of former councilwoman

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