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Six Steps to Vitality

POSTED: August 27, 2009, 3:20 pm

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Long standing unresolved issues can surely lead to depression. When you are starting to feel depleted, cranky, exhausted and without much enthusiasm, here are six steps that can re-vitalize you.
1. Meditation is the place to start. At the beginning of each morning and before you drift off to sleep at night, walk through the rooms of your mind and see what’s there. Don’t feel a need to solve, but just look and experience.
2. Exercise is a great remedy for the blues. Try yoga, walking, or any kind cardiovascular exercise. It helps to get your mind off troubling thoughts, and elevates your mood, and heart.
3. Change your diet. Start eating healthy. Cut back on the sugars and the beers.
4. Look at the way you have been communicating. Many times upset and depression set on when there are uncommunicated feelings. What are you not saying? What are you holding in? Where are you not as clear as you could be? Fix it.
5. Get a coach, therapist, or counselor. Talk it through. Get another perspective on the issue.
6. Your body comes fully equipped with natural healers, but sometimes an herb or a drug can be beneficial. There are many options. Seek advice from your local herbologist or health food store, pharmacy, or doctor.
Feel better!
If you have any questions are comments on steps to vitality contact Sandra A. Daley at: or visit her at If you liked this article, you might enjoy my most recent blog “De-Clutter”

Six Steps to VitalityA lot of what passes for depression these days is nothing more than a body saying that it needs work./Geoffrey Norman

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