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May 29, 2024

Tom Bradley defeats incumbent Mayor Sam Yorty and becomes the first Black mayor of Los Angeles on this date in 1973.

Liar, Liar. GOP’s House on Fire

POSTED: August 13, 2022, 1:30 pm

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Many Americans have witnessed, either live or on television, the inauguration of a United States president and the solemn moment the new commander-in-chief takes the oath of office. In that moment, administered by the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, the office of the President is elevated above the individual, and we bear witness on the constitutional promise of a democratic Republic. It is an act that signifies to the world community that the United States of America swears allegiance to the laws of our nation and bows to no individual. It is a remarkable departure from the practices of other nations when power and authority is synonymous with an individual figure and not vested in the state and the will of the people.

It was recently reported that a former president, Donald Trump, appeared for a deposition before the Attorney General of the state of New York in a civil matter related to his business, and repeatedly invoked his 5th Amendment rights to avoid self-incrimination. It was a remarkable moment in the history of the United States when a former president refused to answer questions under oath. Sadly, it was not such a surprise given the resentment Donald Trump showed toward government institutions and his flouting of the rule of law when he served in the White House. This was an American president who despised government, sought to destroy civil society, and impose authoritarian rule, and so casually lied and misinformed the American public to serve his vices that our nation is imploding.

If his 5th Amendment serenade were not enough, we learned that Trump was in possession of classified documents, some deemed ‘top secret,’ at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. How did we learn this? Trump whined on social media after his estate was searched by the FBI after a surprise raid by the FBI after the Department of Justice had waited months for the former president to voluntarily surrender documents that had been improperly removed from the federal government’s control. One of the consequences of the Watergate incident was law that required presidents to surrender documents and gifts to the control of the National Archives upon leaving office. Exceptions can be made but there are documents that are so sensitive and related to national security that they should never be in the possession of a former president. What should also be understood by the public, particularly Trump sycophants, is that a search warrant could not have been executed without the review and approval of a federal judge. What’s more is that this FBI director is a Trump appointee. Further, it is being reported that the FBI was tipped off by a Trump staffer at Mar-a-Lago. The FBI raid yielded eleven boxes of sensitive materials.

“Never have we witnessed such cultish behavior and blindness to the truth by supporters of an American politician. Trumpism embarrasses McCarthyism for its abject ignorance and treasonous devotion”

Immediately upon Trump’s disclosure of the raid, his MAGA faithful jumped into action claiming all types of conspiracies and decrying the treatment of Trump. Never have we witnessed such cultish behavior and blindness to the truth by supporters of an American politician. Trumpism embarrasses McCarthyism for its abject ignorance and treasonous devotion. This is the case not just for civilian devotees of Donald Trump, but more frighteningly for elected officials, including Republican members of Congress. The embrace of Donald Trump by the party’s ‘leadership’ exposes the Republican Party as brain dead.

There is no lie that Donald Trump can tell that Republicans will not buy. He is their deity and they have sworn their loyalty to him. This was evident in the January 6 insurrection when his followers were waving Trump flags bearing his likeness when they violently stormed the United States Capitol and threatened the lives of the Vice President of the United States and members of Congress. Some of his followers are willing to use violence to carry out Trump’s treasonous vision. The recent assailant who was killed after attempting to breach the FBI’s field office was a supporter of Donald Trump who federal authorities believe had participated in the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol.

You do not have to possess a law or political science degree to understand that Donald Trump is a menace to this nation and a threat to our democratic institutions. He is a liar and a traitor, and if given another chance, will destroy our government and sell out this country to the highest bidder, with his Republican minions in tow. Donald Trump’s only interest is in power to impose his will and enrich himself. There is no redeeming value in Trump, and it will be to the nation’s benefit and security for the United States Attorney General to indict Trump and let an American court hold him fully accountable for his abuse of the presidential oath.

Walter Fields is Executive Editor of

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