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July 23, 2024

Civil unrest over the city's condition ignites Detroit in 1967, resulting in 43 deaths, 7,000 arrests and $50 million in damage.

FUNdraising Good Times

POSTED: May 12, 2017, 7:30 am

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Every time we work with an organization, agency or college we experience a deep kindred feeling with the people gathered at the table. Whether presenting information, listening to concerns, or developing strategies we are also meeting new friends. We are witnessing diverse individuals put their beliefs into action, and we are inspired. Nonprofit board members and volunteers are some of the best people we will ever meet. They are passionate, knowledgeable, experienced, well-connected, thoughtful, and resourceful. And, we know that you – our readers – share these qualities.

Whether we have met you or not, you energize us and encourage us. We write this column each week to provide you with information that can help you meet the challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

If you are a frequent reader you know there is no magic wand that will ensure your organization has all the resources needed to sustain and grow. But there are ways you can increase the effectiveness of your board and increase the number of donors and funders who support your work.

We have created three tools that can help you with your fundraising. They are at the core of all our work and they inform this column on a weekly basis. One – in fact – is a compilation of columns from FUNdraising Good Times’ first ten years. See if one of these books is right for you and your nonprofit.

Prerequisites for Fundraising Success walks you through the steps for planning, launching, and maintaining successful fundraising programs. You will learn how to set attainable goals; develop a fundraising plan; hire the right staff; encourage teamwork; and tell your story and raise awareness. Other topics include recruiting volunteers and cultivating leaders; approaching donors; managing your data; and rewarding donors.

The Fundraiser’s Guide for Soliciting Gifts is for you if you have been asked to raise money but are not sure how to proceed. You will learn how to prepare to meet with a prospective donor; what to say and do when meeting with a donor; exactly how to ask for a gift; what to do when a donor says “Yes”; what to do when a donor says “No”; and how to close a meeting with a potential donor or funder.

FUNdraising Good Times Classics, Volume 1 is a collection of our best strategies for fundraising professionals, volunteers, and nonprofit leaders. Topics covered include: Feasibility studies, proposal writing, marketing, soliciting gifts, special events, board development, strategic planning, fundraising ethics and career advice.

All three books are available from

We know that fundraising is all about preparation. It is our hope that these tools can help you and your team members strengthen your organization. They are easy to read with short chapters – just enough information to help you and your team unlock your knowledge and create solutions that will work for your organization.

Copyright 2017 – Mel and Pearl Shaw

Mel and Pearl Shaw are authors of four books on fundraising available on For help growing your fundraising visit or call (901) 522-8727.

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