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December 04, 2021

The New York Amsterdam News, one of the nation's premier Black newspapers, is founded in 1909.

Today in Black America - July 8

POSTED: July 08, 2009, 8:00 am

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Michael Jackson memorial an event fans will never forget

Memorial 'bordered on a miracle'

Michael Jackson's children come out of the shadows

Around the world, a shared moment of 'missing Michael'

Karen Bass is a target atop the California Assembly

Credit card firms try end run around new federal rules

The New York Times

Health Deals Could Harbor Hidden Costs

In Health Reform, a Cancer Offers an Acid Test

Interracial Roommates Can Reduce Prejudice

Senators Settling Into New Roles to Weigh Sotomayor Nomination

Funeral of a Superstar as a Media Moment

Harlem’s Real Estate Boom Becomes a Bust

Baltimore Sun

Kids helping kids at the library

Suspect in girl's shooting was monitored

Relatives of girl, 5, voice hope she'll live

The Christian Science Monitor

Jackson memorial: Unity the keynote

Chicago Tribune

Federal agency Web sites knocked out by massive, resilient cyber attack

Burge-linked cases: 2 men freed for five 1988 murders as prosecutors find insufficient evidence for retrial

Homing in on foreclosure help

Study: Race gap in African-American cancer deaths may be partly biological

Palin plays victim and reaps rewards

Indianapolis Star

Hoosiers pay tribute to Michael Jackson

The Washington Post

D.C. Fans of Michael Mourn Over Memorial

A Transcendent Last Act

Never Can Say Goodbye

Power of Stimulus Slow to Take Hold

In Retooled Health-Care System, Who Will Say No?

Ex-Girlfriend Worked for Barry as a Contractor


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