today in black history

June 22, 2024

Stellar television journalist, the late Ed Bradley, graduate of Cheyney State University, was born on this date in 1941 in Philadelphia.

Today in Black America - September 22

POSTED: September 22, 2009, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

White House Takes a More Aggressive Role in State Races

Obama Turns Serious on Letterman

First Woman Ascends to Top Drill Sergeant Spot

Agreement to Alter Insurance Assistance

Census Data Show Recession-Driven Changes

F.D.I.C. May Borrow Funds From Banks

In New York, All Eyes on Obama and Paterson’s Meeting

The Christian Science Monitor

Obama speech: innovation key to future US jobs

Obama to Letterman: ‘I was actually black before the election’

An opportunity in prison budget cuts

Baltimore Sun

Md. attorney general's office to investigate city ACORN chapter

Amid continuing stagnant job market, House moves to extend unemployment benefits

The Washington Post

State Races Capture The White House's Eye

In S.C., One Road Divides Two Ways of Thinking

Revised Bill Would Ease Burden on Middle Class

Skills Set Drafted For Students Nationwide

D.C. Council to Consider Ethics Code for Members

Window of Opportunism

The Los Angeles Times

Internet 'net neutrality' endorsed by FCC chief

On race issue, Obama stays firmly low-key

Detroit Free Press

Rape evidence shelved?

Academy offers a model for all Detroit schools

20.6% in Pontiac lack health care

State must reverse wrongful convictions


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