today in black history

July 15, 2024

True Reformers Hall, the first building designed, financed and built by Blacks after Reconstruction is dedicated in 1903 in DC.

Today in Black America - February 28

POSTED: February 28, 2022, 8:00 am

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Note:  Some newspapers listed use a pay wall that requires a subscription before you can access the article.

The Associated Press

Many Capitol riot cases could hinge on 1st trial’s outcome

Trayvon Martin, 10 years later: Teen's death changes nation

Whistleblowers say they're bullied for exposing prison abuse

The New York Times

School Is Back in Person, but the Five-Day Week Often Isn’t

Competitive districts are disappearing as lopsided new voting maps deepen America’s political divide

10 Consequential Days: How Biden Navigated War, Covid and the Supreme Court

USA Today

UN panel's grim climate change report: 'Parts of the planet will become uninhabitable'

What is DEFCON? What's nuclear deterrence? What to know amid Putin's warning

What's the process to become an associate Justice on the Supreme Court?

The Washington Post

Democrats try to regain footing for midterm elections

Barr says GOP should look beyond Trump for 2024

‘Stand your ground’ laws spread — and grow ‘more extreme’ — 10 years after Trayvon Martin’s death

N.J.’s cannabis commission can’t shake discrimination, fraud allegations

Shopping while Black: Bridgewater mall incident amplifies talk of racism in retail spaces.

Black History Month: Learning my ancestry gave me clarity | Opinion

The Baltimore Sun

Man who stabbed wife to death in Baltimore and blamed panhandlers is to be sentenced Monday

Two former Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force detectives released two years early from prison

Baltimore gets serious about helping homeless people | COMMENTARY

The Los Angeles Times

Why flush California still takes child support from low-income families

Confidence in California public schools declines sharply; a third give L.A. a D or F

Demise of single-payer healthcare in California trips up efforts in other states

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Black students in Gwinnett schools face highest rates of discipline

Opinion: Georgia bill would chill classroom discussions of race, racism

Metro Atlanta students protest lawmakers’ race bills at Georgia Capitol

The Chicago Sun-Times

Billionaire Ken Griffin hits Pritzker hard on crime, but his firms have millions invested in gun and ammunition makers, records show

Laura Washington: My mask is not coming off

Incumbents in electoral trouble include Pritzker, Lightfoot, Democratic analyst says

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