today in black history

December 13, 2017

Human rights activist Ella Baker is born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1903.

Today in Black America - October 3

POSTED: October 03, 2017, 2:00 pm

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Today in Black History: Bethune-Cookman College was founded in Daytona Beach, Florida by educator Mary McCleod Bethune in 1904.

The New York Times


Supreme Court to Hear Case on Voting Maps in Wisconsin

How the New Math of Gerrymandering Works

Supreme Court Divided on Arbitration for Workplace Cases

2.5 Million More People Potentially Exposed in Equifax Breach

Editorial: 477 Days. 521 Mass Shootings. Zero Action From Congress.

A Burst of Gunfire, a Pause, Then Carnage That Would Not Stop

Vantage Point and Preparations Opened Way for Slaughter

Shooting Underscores Hotel Security Choices

Six Charts That Help Explain the Republican Tax Plan

High School Students Kicked Off Football Team After Protesting National Anthem


Only Race in Town: Who Will Be Next Council Speaker in New York?

With Federal Cuts to Hospitals, Cuomo Suggests New York City Step Up

A Surge of Anti-Trump Volunteers Floods Governors Campaigns

With Federal Cuts to Hospitals, Cuomo Suggests New York City Step Up

The Star-Ledger

N.J. mega car dealer pulls TV ads over NFL protests

After Las Vegas massacre, N.J. Republican will oppose effort to weaken this gun law

Christie: 'Whole bunch of new gun laws' won't stop mass shootings

After Las Vegas shooting, Murphy pushes 'sensible' gun control

Transgender teen attacked in HS hallway: 'You don't have to bring me down'

Menendez became 'very hostile' in talks to help friend with Medicare debt, witness says

Suit claiming school discriminated against black family can move forward, court rules

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Ohio schools superintendent arrested with crack cocaine, reports say

Backing Josh Mandel, controversial figures launch super PAC

Cleveland Clinic to host a recruitment fair for registered nurses, surgical technologists Oct. 14

Nation's high court won't hear Cleveland cop killer Quisi Bryan's case

The Chicago Tribune

Illinois Democrats talk gun control after Las Vegas shooting; Trump's office talks Chicago

Rep. Kelly: Trump press secretary wrong about Chicago gun laws

After Las Vegas massacre, gun manufacturer stocks jump, following predictable pattern

8 people wounded in city shootings, including 62-year-old woman

Rat complaints jump in city's densest neighborhoods. Is yours one of them?

EDITORIALS: Did Obama the community organizer settle for 'Just trust us'?

The Detroit Free Press

Wednesday is Count Day: It's important to get your kids to school

After Las Vegas shooting, it's time to admit gun control debate is over | Opinion

Detroit councilwoman on Vegas tragedy: Ban rifles in hotel rooms facing public spaces

Detroit police union president convicted of misdemeanor, cleared of felony

Shippensburg wrestling coach among Las Vegas victims, team says

Philly cops: Vegas massacre will infirm our planning for large-scale events

Sen. Casey calls for tougher gun laws

Former judge admits concealing payments he got from Brady campaign

Study: High rates of stop and frisk even in Philly's lowest crime black areas

The Los Angeles Times

USC assistant Tony Bland hires high-powered New York attorney in bribery case

L.A. sues federal government over threats to withhold funds

California adopted some of the toughest gun control laws in country after multiple mass shootings

As deadline looms, legal service providers ramp up DACA renewal efforts

The Washington Post

Supreme Court takes up Wisconsin as test in partisan gerrymandering claims

Here’s how the Supreme Court could decide whether your vote will count

Chilling but baffling clues in wake of Las Vegas massacre

The lives lost in Las Vegas

Graphic: Here’s how frustrated Democrats have responded to shooting

No plans to bring gun silencer bill to House floor, Ryan says

He might have to live with bullet in his neck after trying to save others

Has your U.S. Congress person received donations from the NRA?

Trump says Puerto Rico officials should be ‘proud’ more haven’t died like in Katrina

Analysis: Heckuva job, me: Trump just favorably compared Puerto Rico’s death toll to Katrina

USC faculty member detained by police after reporting an active shooter on campus. There wasn’t one.

‘This is a travesty’: Lawmakers grill former Equifax chief executive on breach response

Northam: “We do not need assault weapons on our streets”

USA Today

23 weapons were found in Las Vegas shooter's hotel room: What we know now

Congress grills Wells Fargo CEO; Sen. Warren wants him fired

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