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January 28, 2023

John Brown organized raid on the military arsenal at Harper's Ferry in 1858.

Ferguson Media Coverage

POSTED: August 18, 2014, 11:00 am

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We will update this page daily as additional reporting on the police killing of Michael Brown is posted by various media outlets. The most recent articles are in italics.

St. Louis Dispatch

Black legislators air frustrations in meeting with Gov. Nixon in St. Louis County

White House aides to attend Michael Brown funeral

Will Ferguson sour business on St. Louis?

Darren Wilson supporters rally in south St. Louis

Michael Brown funeral will be Monday

Little trail of Ferguson police officer behind the gun

In wake of Ferguson, McCaskill plans hearings on 'militarization' of police

Canadian television journalist arrested under order of Capt. Johnson

Video: Clergy take demands to McCulloch

St. Louis police fatally shoot man who brandished knife

From Eric Holder: A message to the people of Ferguson

Jay Nixon won't remove Robert McCulloch as Brown case goes to grand jury

Tensions flare up when police order a clear-out

Missouri's senators back federal role in Ferguson

Did Michael Brown have his 'hands up' when killed by police? Private autopsy can't say

New poll shows sharp racial, ideological divisions on Michael

Private autopsy says Brown shot 6 times; Holder orders third autopsy

Police, protesters clash again Sunday night

Gov. Nixon bringing in National Guard to help restore order in Ferguson

McCulloch blasts Nixon for replacing St. Louis County Police control

Some recent police shootings – including the death of another Michael Brown – have sparked protests, probes

Editorial: A 'generational event' demands a generational change from complacency

Opinion: Let’s talk about race

St. Louis American (Black Press)

The roots of the uprising in Ferguson

Attorney general visits St. Louis, meets with parents of Michael Brown

Iyanla visits Ferguson, issues 14-day peace challenge

Gaskin leads with wisdom ‘beyond his years’

On the Battlefield in Ferguson: Remembering History, Resisting Occupation

President calls for peace in Ferguson, to send Attorney General Holder on Wednesday

Peace keepers and activists ask protesters to clear the streets after dark

Ferguson-Florissant School District cancels classes for remainder of week

Nearby school districts closed amidst Ferguson unrest

BREAKING: Police official confirms outside agitation against Ferguson residents and protesters

Community gathers at Greater Grace to honor Michael Brown

The New York Times

Darren Wilson’s Unremarkable Past Offers Few Clues Into Fatal Shooting

Michael Brown Spent Last Weeks Grappling With Life’s Mysteries

Schools in Ferguson Area Prepare for an Emotional Opening Day

Editorial: A March for a Safer City

Scrutiny on Staten Island Police After Killing

National Guard to Withdraw From Ferguson

Poll Shows Racial Divide on Missouri Unrest

Among Whites, Protests Stir a Range of Emotions and a Lot of Perplexity

The Upshot: Where Are the National Democrats on Ferguson?

With School Closed, Teachers and Volunteers in Ferguson Work to Fill Gap

Accounts Differ as Holder Schedules Visit to Ferguson

Shared Vision, Varying Styles

Data on Transfer of Military Gear to Police Departments

National Guard Troops Fail to Quell Unrest in Ferguson

Cities Rocked by Past Unrest Offer Lessons

Obama Urges Calm and Calls for Better Race Relations

Not Just Ferguson: National Guard Has a Long History With Civil Unrest

Family of Michael Brown Says Autopsy Confirmed Witness Account

Six Bullets Struck Brown, Autopsy Says

Obama Administration Plans Autopsy of Michael Brown in Effort to Keep Peace

National Guard in Missouri to Be Deployed to Quell Unrest

Blow: Frustration in Ferguson

Op-Ed: In Ferguson, Black Town, White Power

Social Media on Ferguson: Reports and Reactions

Media Equation: View of #Ferguson Thrust Shooting Into Spotlight


Disturbing black-white inequality stats

Where's Officer Wilson?

St. Louis police chief defends shooting

Are there answers in the autopsies?

Letter from Trayvon Martin's mom

Why bring National Guard to Ferguson?

'This has to stop': 31 arrested after fresh confrontation in Ferguson

Attorney: Autopsy results enough to charge officer

"Inside Politics": Political fallout from teen's shooting

Ferguson police were 'aggressive,' a critical Missouri governor says

The Guardian (London, UK)

Ferguson solidarity protests spread to dozens of cities nationwide

Second fatal St Louis area shooting stokes tensions in Ferguson

Cloud over Michael Brown investigation as prosecutor and governor clash

Nothing works in Ferguson. Here's how to fix a police force – and punish cops

Ferguson: 31 arrested as huge show of force fails to quell unrest

What is the US national guard and when is it called up?

Police in Ferguson arrest Getty photographer Scott Olson

Michael Brown shooting: family says autopsy shows teenager was surrendering when killed

Michael Brown family attorney: autopsy proves 'witness accounts were true'

From Ferguson: 'They shouldn't shoot people for protesting'

Officer Darren Wilson was 'doing his job', say supporters

Younge: In Ferguson the violence of the state created the violence of the street

Al Jazeera America

Michael Brown's father seeks 'day of silence'

Ferguson grand jury: Is justice delayed necessarily justice denied?

Ferguson battles play out in the street, courts and the press

Ferguson fallout: Black Americans grapple with victim-blaming

ACLU: Incomplete police report on Brown

Policing the police: Unrest in Ferguson could lead to reform

Mike Brown and St. Louis education: Symptomatic of a failing system

Kinloch connection: Ferguson fueled by razing of historic black town

Police to Al Jazeera journalist near Ferguson: 'I'll bust your head'

Police, protesters clash during another night of unrest in Ferguson

Foreign media cite Ferguson as evidence of US ‘failed state’

Teens create app for rating encounters with local law enforcement

Ferguson battles play out in the street, courts and the press

St. Louis County police previously investigated for racial bias

St. Louis: How racism divided a city

Opinion: The second tragedy of the Michael Brown shooting

Hip-hop station gives a voice to Ferguson

Ferguson: Gentrification and its discontents

The Christian Science Monitor

Ferguson's tenuous peace: How it could hold (+video)

Ferguson: How the balkanization of greater St. Louis fueled the strife

In Ferguson's wake, outcries arise about police shootings in other cities

Poll: Ferguson police response 'has gone too far,' more Americans say

Prosecutor to convene grand jury in chokehold death, prompting mixed reactions

Ferguson: In calling the National Guard, emphasis is on 'limited' role (+video)

As Mike Brown protests continue, how can Ferguson heal? (+video)

Ferguson shooting: What's known now about Michael Brown (+video)

Mike Brown protests: Fresh riots reveal deep divisions among police (+video)

The Washington Post

In Jennings police force, a future path for Ferguson?

Lawmakers, activists fight for police oversight in St. Louis

Where residents and visitors tweeted about Ferguson

What happened in Ferguson could be happening anywhere. But it was more likely in Missouri.

The New Yorker takes on Ferguson in a powerful cover

Dyson: Obama’s tone-deaf remarks on Ferguson

Their grandparents were civil in disobedience. Ferguson youth aren’t.

African Americans aren’t in love with Obama’s response to Ferguson

Eric H. Holder Jr., in Ferguson, shares pain over racism

Non-white representation on America’s city councils

Obama advisers assure African American leaders that justice will prevail in Ferguson

In Ferguson, a protest leader almost by accident

Prosecutors to present evidence in Michael Brown case to grand jury

Q&A: What’s next as Brown shooting heads to grand jury

Why the likely 2016 candidates for president are holding their tongues on Ferguson

So, black teens who aren’t angels deserve whatever they get?

Holder to travel to Ferguson as U.S. role expands

Protesters: The peaceful, the looters, the ‘militants’

Robinson: What fuels Ferguson’s rage

Capehart: Ferguson shooting probe goes to pot

A police department and a community, worlds apart

African Americans are very concerned about what’s happening in Ferguson. Whites are not.

Attorneys: Teen was trying to surrender

Michael Brown’s mother calls for officer’s arrest

Police threaten journalists

The Los Angeles Times

A tale of two Fergusons, where the racial divide looms large

White House to review military surplus policy for law enforcement

Amid Ferguson unrest, Antonio French finds a national following

Ferguson case reopens lingering wounds from previous police shootings

Ferguson: Darren Wilson fans donate $150,000, outpace Brown supporters

Ferguson turns tense around midnight; protesters step in to keep peace

Turmoil in Ferguson, Mo., intensifies: What you need to know

Curfews, like Ferguson's, enacted more often across U.S. in recent years

Seattle police chief during WTO unrest appalled by Ferguson violence

31 arrested in Ferguson unrest, some from CA and NY, officer says

Obama chooses his words carefully on Michael Brown

Autopsy shows Michael Brown was shot six times, and twice in the head

A mother's lament: For young black men, high stakes and hard rules

Obama, back from vacation, to meet with Holder on unrest

Governor calls on National Guard to end unrest

Shooting in Missouri: No justice, no peace

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