today in black history

August 25, 2019

Tennis star Arthur Ashe becomes the first Black man to win the U.S. Open singles championship in 1968 at Forest Hills, New York.

Today in Black America - May 7

POSTED: May 07, 2010, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Latino Groups Urge Boycott of Arizona Over New Law

Obama to Seek Line-Item Veto Power to Trim Spending From Bills

Bill Targets Citizenship of Terrorists’ Allies

F.C.C. Proposes Rules on Internet Access

As Spill Looms, City Plays the Waiting Game Again

Group Fears Lower Rents Will Expire, Cutting Gains

Suit Over Legal Aid Advances in New York

The Gun Lobby’s Long Shadow

The Christian Science Monitor

Arizona immigration law: Can city boycotts work?

Times Square bomb: If Pakistan Taliban involved, a 'game-changer'

UK election results: Exit polls indicate Conservative win, but hung parliament

UK election 101: How might Britain change its 200-year-old voting system?

Baltimore Sun

Off-duty Baltimore officer could lose sight in eye after racially tinged attack in Harford County

Action on health care needed now, Md. task force says
Students without a school, again

Detroit Free Press

Slain Detroit police Officer Brian Huff's sacrifice honored

Fight over future of DPS isn't over yet

Rotarians mobilize to aid adult literacy

Los Angeles Times

Who would Prop. 17 car insurance initiative benefit?

Nancy Pelosi's Republican challengers score nationwide backing

The Washington Post

GOP takes jab at Democrats' 'luck' in fighting terrorism

Labor, civil rights groups press for national boycott of Arizona

Justice Stevens casts a long shadow over Supreme Court

D.C. child welfare agency lays off more than 100

On the census form, count me in -- as black

Chicago Tribune

Illinois Senate approves state budget after bitter debate

Lame-duck Stroger gave aide $54,000 pay hike

Star Ledger

Newark council races look close, with at least three seats vulnerable

Newark Mayor Cory Booker closes in on second term

Forensic scientist says DNA found on beer bottle, cigarette matches Newark schoolyard slayings suspect

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