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May 22, 2024

The U.S. Department of War established the Bureau of the Colored Troops in 1863, an effort to help the Union Army in the Civil War.

Today in Black America - May 28

POSTED: May 28, 2009, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

Haitians in U.S. Illegally Look for Signs of a Deporting Reprieve

Sotomayor Pick a Product of Lessons From Past Battles

Massachusetts, Model for Universal Health Care, Sees Ups and Downs in Policy

U.S. Home Sales Remain Sluggish as Supply Soars

‘Underlying Conditions’ May Add to Flu Worries

City to Pay $2 Million in Death After Hospital Wait

The Washington Post

Rigorous Questioning Hasn't Fazed Nominee

Making History Was but One Factor

U.S. to Wield Significant Sway Over Reorganized GM

Insurers' Role Key to Health System Overhaul, CBO Says

Housing for the Homeless In the Works for Bethesda

How Is Cheney Wrong? Let Me Count the Ways

The Christian Science Monitor

In Somalia, African Union takes the offensive in information war

Why bankruptcy might not be so bad for GM

 Baltimore Sun

More Maryland students eligible for diplomas

Medical summit looks at crisis in primary care

NAACP ask FBI for probe of city police cases

Three black groups back health care tax plan

Detroit Free Press

GM's flight from RenCen could devastate Detroit

Don't gut downtown Detroit to save GM

Why are the jail cells empty?

Attorney General Cox announces run for governor

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Atlantans debate officer’s baseball bat remark

$25 million in stimulus funds OK’ed for MARTA

Chicago Tribune

Fundraising discussion was a ruse, Burris says

Right goes berserk over Judge Sonia

While at Yale, Sotomayor made a law firm apologize

Los Angeles Times

GOP looks for alternate routes to block Sotomayor's path

Diabetes shouldn't affect Sotomayor's ability to serve on Supreme Court

After police raid, bitterness replaces pride for LAPD officer

Healthcare cuts would mean higher costs and possibly deaths, officials warn


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