today in black history

April 18, 2024

Hampton University (Institute) was founded on this date in 1868 in Virginia to educate newly emancipated Blacks.

Today in Black America - May 22

POSTED: May 22, 2009, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

147 Gang Members Charged After Inquiry in Calif.

First Black Mayor in City Known for Klan Killings

Obama Mounts Defense of Plans to Close Guantánamo

A ‘Freer’ Cheney Makes Case (With Dual Focus)

Ex-Soldier Gets Life Sentence for Iraq Murders

City Temporarily Stops Charging Rent to the Working Homeless

At Xerox, a Transition for the Record Books

The Washington Post

U.S. to Steer GM Toward Bankruptcy

Obama Endorses Indefinite Detention Without Trial for Some

Ready for a Friendly Rivalry

22 Percent And Out Of Ideas

The Christian Science Monitor

Democrats mount impassioned defense of Pelosi

This summer’s gas price forecast better than last

Detroit Free Press

Criticism grows against Obama auto rescue plan

Urban villages in Detroit's future?

At DPS, $400,000 missing, 2 indicted

Bing: Cobo's a slam dunk

Make Cobo deal now and we'll all win

Case speaks more of fear than justice

Boston Globe

NYC man is arrested in killing at Harvard

Democratic infighting escalates

Hub's mayoral field is largest in 15 years

Chicago Tribune

CHA architecture gets it right with Dearborn Homes

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Ex-shelter teen is bound for Boston University

Former judges push for hearing on Troy Davis innocence claim

Los Angeles Times

Poor would be hard hit by proposed California budget cuts

Dozens arrested in crackdown on Latino gang accused of targeting blacks


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