today in black history

December 09, 2017

P.B.S. Pinchback becomes the nation's first Black governor on this date in 1872 in the state of Louisiana.

Today in Black America - February 15

POSTED: February 15, 2018, 7:30 am

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Today in Black History: Balladeer and pianist Nat King Cole died in 1965, leaving behind a rich musical legacy carried on by his brother Freddie and daughter Natalie.

The New York Times


Zuma Resigns as South Africa’s President

Jacob Zuma’s Legacy Is a Weakened South Africa

EDITORIAL: South Africa’s Zuma Leaves Behind a Broken Democracy


17 Killed in a School Shooting in Florida

Here’s What We Know About the Suspect

After Sandy Hook, at Least 273 More School Shootings

Editorial: Trump Raids the Pantry of Poor Americans

A Stock Windfall for Titans, a Debacle for Everyone Else

Trump Says He’s ‘Totally Opposed’ to Domestic Violence

Senators Strike Deal on Immigration Despite Veto Threat

V.A. Chief Faulted for Business Trip: Wimbledon, Castles

How an Abundance of Democratic Candidates Could Help the G.O.P. Hold the House


Mayor and Council Agree on New Jail Sites to Replace Rikers Island

New York State May Move to Close Rikers Ahead of City’s 10-Year Timeline

Months of Searching Still Hasn’t Found New Schools Chancellor

Railway Workers Sue, Citing Discrimination and Low Pay

Why white homeowners in Philadelphia can get federal mortgages meant for black neighborhoods

Ex-Philly cop says officer lied to put Meek Mill behind bars

For Pa. Democrats, family feud threatens gerrymandering joy

Police: Delco. Rep. Margo Davidson drove and crashed a state vehicle while her license was suspended

Protetsters decry Philly district's 'overreach' with charters

The Detroit Free Press

Minorities still denied home mortgage loans significantly more than whites, investigation shows

Gov. Snyder: For Michigan's future, we must fix infrastructure. Here's how we pay for it.

TV's Carmen Harlan calls assault on media an 'assault on democracy'

Jail project land deal fails before Detroit school board

The Star-Ledger

Number of flu cases in each county, as N.J. explodes past last season total even before peak

Schools work to keep kids healthy, safe during 'horrific' flu season

Post comparing immigrants to rabid raccoons doesn't cost ex-official his public day job

Cory Booker just took another step toward a run for president

The Chicago Tribune

Four-time felon charged in fatal shooting of Chicago police Cmdr. Paul Bauer

Editorial: After a cop is killed: Chicago's grim ritual

State prepares to spend $75 million to expand college-admissions-related testing

A decade later, NIU shooting survivors try to reclaim normalcy

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Helping students? Or power grab? Governor would take power from elected state school board members in merger

Ohio would merge its school, university and workforce systems into one under new bill

Cleveland police officer charged after refusing to have vehicle towed for $1,500 in unpaid parking tickets, officials say

Cleveland asks judge to disqualify ex-fire official's lawyers for ethics issues but lawyers say they're in the right

Summit County's $64 million Capital Improvements Plan focuses on sewer improvements, roads, facility upgrades

The Los Angeles Times

ICE launches new immigration sweep in L.A. area; at least 100 detained so far

California's gas tax increase has fast-tracked road repair projects. But is that enough to prevent a repeal?

Skelton: If Republicans have their way, California highways stand to lose big under Trump's infrastructure plan

Police Commission faults LAPD officer who shot and killed 70-year-old man holding metal pipe

Mass shootings are getting deadlier. And the latest have something in common: the AR-15

The Washington Post

‘A horrific, horrific day’: At least 17 killed in Florida school shooting

For shooting suspect, a life of guns, depression and trouble

As White House counsel, McGahn walks a fine line protecting, mollifying Trump

Bannon, House intelligence panel head for subpoena showdown

Bipartisan group reaches deal on immigration, but Trump pushes for GOP plan

Trump lawyer’s claim about payment to Stormy Daniels reenergizes strange saga

EPA chief has unusual waiver to fly in first or business class

VA chief of staff misled ethics officials about travel, report finds

Grassley ‘incensed’ by attorney general’s attempt to stymie sentencing reform

Gubernatorial candidate James Shea selects Baltimore City Councilman as his running mate

Council candidate who is an aide to Baker accused of harassment years ago

D.C. teachers will not be assessed on how many students they pass this year

Allegations of ‘vulgar’ comments in Montgomery fire-rescue service prompt questions on diversity training

USA Today

Florida lawmakers repeatedly denied pleas for more school-safety money

Why the AR-15 keeps appearing at America's deadliest mass shootings

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