today in black history

December 03, 2022

Frederick Douglass and Martin R. Delaney start the North Star anti-slavery newspaper in 1847.

Today in Black America - July 24

POSTED: July 24, 2009, 12:00 am

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The New York Times

For Public, Obama Didn’t Fill In Blanks on Health Care

Friends Recall Walter Cronkite’s Private Side

Case Recalls Tightrope Blacks Walk With Police

Sergeant Who Arrested Professor Defends Actions

Obama Complains About the News Cycle but Manipulates It

Racial Bias in Fire Exams Can Lurk in the Details

The Christian Science Monitor

 Obama’s healthcare vote delayed. The reason: Democrats.

Obama’s cops ‘acted stupidly’ comment steps on healthcare
Police and blacks: old tensions slow to heal

Police sergeant stands up to both Obama and Gates

In East Africa, high hopes for a broadband revolution

The Washington Post

Obama Stands by His Criticism

Officer Tells His Side of The Story in Gates Arrest

NRA steps up Sotomayor fight as Chamber backs her

A $4 Billion Push for Better Schools

Reform Stance Puts Spotlight on Blue Dog Democrats

Former Rep. Jefferson's Trial Moves to Closing Arguments

Baltimore Sun

President Obama steps squarely into racial politics

West Baltimore luxury condo plans reborn as workforce housing

Stimulus money available to fix up blighted commercial property in city

Md. budget crisis could end O'Malley's tuition freeze

Detroit Free Press

Ford shines as a bright spot among automotive stocks

Gates reignites profiling debate

Kids to pitch new ideas for old depot

Minimum wage hike could prolong recession

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Report: Goodell to allow Vick to sign with team

Star Ledger

Massive N.J. corruption sting targets mayors, legislators, rabbis

Community groups protest violence near scene of Newark slaying

Chicago Tribune

1 of 4 Burr Oak suspects leaves jail

Los Angeles Times

President Obama steps squarely into racial politics

Dow breaks 9,000 for the first time in 6 months


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