today in black history

October 20, 2017

Jomo Kenyatta, African nationalist and first president of Kenya, was born in 1893. He would lead Kenya from 1964 until 1978.

Today in Black America - November 10

POSTED: November 10, 2017, 9:30 am

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Today in Black America: Charlie Sifford becomes the first Black golfer to win a professional tournament when he captures the Long Beach Open in 1957.

The New York Times


Senate G.O.P. Tax Bill Delays Trump’s Prized Corporate Cut
A Middle-Class Tax Cut? It Depends Who and Where You Are
G.O.P. Candidate Is Accused of Improper Conduct With Minor
In Vietnam, Trump Makes a Friendlier American Landing
Video of a Massacre Raises a Question: Who Should See It?
Video Shows Georgia Teacher Threatening Student: That’s How ‘You Get Shot’
Violence Against Transgender People Is on the Rise, Advocates Say


David Dinkins Doesn’t Think He Failed. He Might Be Right.
Man Convicted of Murder in New York Police Officer’s Death

Post Office Fails to Deliver on Time, and DACA Applications Get Rejected

Brooklyn Diocese Names 8 Priests Who Sexually Abused Children

The Star-Ledger

He's sexist and fondles Confederate flags. She got mad and took his job. | Editorial

Outgoing N.J. senator and Christie friend gets job on Horizon board

Princeton peace coalition ramps up in age of Trump, national tragedies
Advocates demand county end immigration detention contract
GOP's Kean to Murphy: I'll trade you a minimum wage hike for income tax cut

Breaking down the key House, U.S. Senate races looming in Pa., NJ
Coalition calls for 'transformative' change in Krasner's 1st 100 days
In Philly's 'last death penalty case,' killer gets life sentence
Under accreditation threat, Cheyney to hire permanent president

The Detroit Free Press

Garbage tycoon Chuck Rizzo pleads guilty to bribery, faces 6-10 years
Michigan Rep. Tim Kelly out of running for federal post over offensive blog posts

The Chicago Tribune

Illinois’ women senators declare solidarity with new caucus, then go opposite ways on wage bill

Employees want their job to matter, but meaning at work can be hard to find
Mavis Staples back on the freedom highway: 'It's like we have to start all over again'

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Assessing President Donald Trump's first year: Editorial Board Roundtable
83 Ohio State University students accused of using app to share course answers
With Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman, the tax debate will get interesting for Ohioans
The selective patriotism of those who denigrate anthem protesters: Dave Lange (Opinion)

The Washington Post

As Roy Moore declines to step aside, a tale of two Republican parties emerges
Woman says Roy Moore initiated sexual encounter when she was 14, he was 32
The Fix: GOP’s Roy Moore and Steve Bannon nightmare comes into focus
‘I don’t feel wealthy’: The upper middle class is worried about paying for the tax plan
Fact Checker: Paul Ryan’s repeated claim that ‘everyone’ will get a tax cut

Military jury convicts Marine drill instructor who targeted Muslims
Analysis: How Republican losses in Virginia could mean real trouble for the GOP in 2018

Latino Victory Fund, pilloried for truck ad, says Northam win is vindication

The Los Angeles Times

Trump voters disappointed by his presidency threaten the GOP
L.A. County ramps up effort to fight hepatitis A as cases among gay and bisexual men surge

L.A. prosecutors form special Hollywood sexual assault task force
Californians strongly oppose Trump — and 53% say state's members of Congress should 'never' work with him

USA Today

Nine differences between the House and Senate tax plans — and how they would affect you

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