today in black history

July 17, 2018

The Port Chicago incident occurred in 1944 when Black Navy ammunition handlers were killed in a violent explosion at the California base.

Today in Black America - August 11

POSTED: August 11, 2017, 9:00 am

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Today in Black History: Pioneering journalist Carl Rowan, who served in the Kennedy administration, was born in 1925 in Ravencroft, Tennessee.

The New York Times


Trump’s Twitter Fury at McConnell Risks Alienating a Key Ally

Trump Suggests North Korea Threat ‘Wasn’t Tough Enough’

Even the Most Precise Strike Could Prompt Retaliation

South Korea Says U.S. Vows Coordination

Wisconsin Isn’t So Sure It Wants Those 13,000 Factory Jobs

27 National Monuments Are Under Review. Here Are Five to Watch.

Trump Plans to Declare Opioid Epidemic a National Emergency

Seeing Hope for Flagging Economy, West Virginia Revamps Vocational Track

Students, Cities and States Take the Climate Fight to Court

What Crime Victims Think About Trump’s Criminal Justice Agenda


Daniel Loeb, a Cuomo Donor, Makes Racial Remark About Black Leader

Another Subway Woe: Cuomo Says Power Distribution Must be Overhauled

12-Year-Old Bronx Girl Arrested in Scalding of Friend at Sleepover

U.S. to Help Remove Debt Burden for Students Defrauded by For-Profit Chain

Alleged killer was in prosecutors' scopes, but still walked

Pa. House leader signals budget impasse likely to linger

Jobless, homeless, convict … but now she's an award-winner

Wharton study: Immigration proposal will lead to less economic growth and fewer jobs

The Detroit Free Press

Mike Duggan, Coleman Young agree to debate ahead of November election

A felon's crusade: Robert Davis vs. everybody

Detroit reveals plan to board up 11,000 vacant homes in two years

Is the state at fault for Detroit's school woes?

The Chicago Tribune

Chicago cop's 2012 fatal shooting of teen 'unprovoked' and 'unwarranted': IPRA

Illinois could lose $87 million in federal food stamp funding over Cook County soda tax

Under Sinclair Broadcast Group, WGN could be 'Chicago's very own' no more

Walmart removes back-to-school banner placed over gun display

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Mayor Frank Jackson: Cleveland's homicide solving rate 'unacceptable'

3 school districts, 2 cities in Cuyahoga County ask for new taxes: Here's what it would cost you

Urban Kutz offering free back-to-school haircuts and hair-braiding on Sunday, Aug. 13

Small wind turbines in Ohio are the next big thing, says Department of Energy

County prosecutors need to study Alan Buford police acquittal case: editorial

How quickly could Quicken Loans Arena referendum end up before voters?

The Star-Ledger

Suspended police chief also faces suit over bias claim in pit bull attack

Cop spent stolen union funds on timeshares, home improvements, AG says

The fundraising gap between governor hopefuls Murphy and Guadagno is growing

In home demolition, residents see hope for safer streets

The Los Angeles Times

Immigration appeals court throws out deportation order for man detained by ICE after dropping daughter off at school

As California eases pot laws, struggling L.A. cities look for opportunity — and face community pushback

State Senate bills aim to make homes more affordable, but they won't spur nearly enough construction

Muslim woman awarded $85,000 after her hijab was forcibly removed by Long Beach police officer

USA Today

What it will take to avoid a catastrophic war with North Korea

Why you should never ride with your feet on the dash of your car

The Washington Post

An 11-year-old was doused with boiling water at a sleepover. Her mother blames an online challenge.

Trump is deporting fewer immigrants than Obama, including criminals

At raucous town halls, Republicans have faced another round of anger over health care

Congress will have 12 working days to prevent a debt default

How three launches signal new leaps in North Korea’s missile capabilities

Washington dives into options, consequences in North Korea crisis

CNN cuts ties with pundit Jeffrey Lord for use of Nazi phrase on Twitter

Analysis: West Virginia governor wants to sell Trump on a $4.5 billion coal bailout by calling it a “homeland security initiative”

Analysis: Think millennials are woke? A new poll suggests some are still sleeping on racism.

Charlottesville prepares for a white nationalist rally on Saturday

Teenager is critically wounded by bullets as she drove on a District street

D.C. unveils plans for new Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge. Take a look (video).

Trump officials begin review of Obama emissions standards for cars

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